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Monday, 10 December 2018
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Miss Dealings – How to Solve Online Casino Problems

Miss Dealings – How to Solve Online Casino Problems

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When one considers that there are more than 2000 online casino websites for gambling enthusiasts to choose from, and many more to come, it’s safe to assume, unfortunately, that not every one of them is legitimate. Naturally this can be said about companies making up any industry and the online casino world is by no means immune; it too has its share of less-than-honest characters.

Strangely enough, however, although the casino gambling world has always been considered somewhat shady, particularly around the time when Las Vegas was originally being developed, today’s overwhelming majority of online or “Internet” casino operators agree that in order for this new industry to benefit everyone, consumers, casino companies and the US government alike, regulatory measures shall have to be implemented and abided by once the online gambling industry is properly legalized. And most casino operators agree that the best way to realize this inevitability sooner rather than later is through self-regulation.

The fact is, due to the very nature of online gaming, word of any misdealings by any online casino is communicated across the Internet at lightning speed thereby warning others well in advance of also being swindled. For example, a casino may fail to pay a player their due winnings. Or their software could be fixed so that players lose beyond what would normally be recognized as fair gaming. Hence, it is extremely important that you understand how to identify and avoid these illegitimate operators.

Below are some basic tips we have prepared for you so that you may protect yourself. By simply applying them – along with some common sense – you will be sure to reduce any chances of being taken in.

Safe Bet #1
Stick with those online casino companies employing only recognized software from well-known developers like Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt or WMS. There are many great ones out there and you can check them out under Casino Maze’s comprehensive list of Gaming Software developers. Or go to our Online Casino Reviews to browse a pre-approved list of the best gambling websites.

Safe Bet #2
Avoid opening more than one deposit account with an online casino unless they have given you permission to do so. Some casinos may use this as an excuse to not pay you your winnings.

Safe Bet #3
To find out whether an online casino is operating honestly or not, simply send them an e-mail with a basic question. You’ll be able to ascertain their straightforwardness by their reply, if they reply.

Safe Bet #4
Should you ever encounter trouble with an online casino, you’re often better off communicating in a polite manner. Courtesy usually pays.

Safe Bet #5
Make certain you’re familiar with the rules at the online casino you are playing at and always abide by them. Any reputable casino will clearly spell out their rules in what should be their easy to locate Terms & Conditions page.

Safe Bet #6
Examine the appearance of a casino’s website and ask yourself: Does their site look professional? How much a casino invests in the design and user-friendliness of their website often says a lot about their validity. However, this is not always the case so don’t be misled by flashy graphics. Also, how much a casino tries to keep you as a regular player also says a lot about their integrity.

Safe Bet #7
Avoid trying to collect multiple bonuses at a single online casino. This could also give them a reason to not pay you your winnings on time, or at all.

Safe Bet #8
Keep good records! Make certain you record the date when you download a casino’s software and when open you deposit account. Also, keep track of how much you deposited and record your password & username in a secure place in case you ever lose or forget them.

Safe Bet #9
Always remind yourself: You are gambling to have fun and not for the sole purpose of making money.

Safe Bet #10
Review these safety tips from time to time.

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